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S01E06: Prime Time ‘Toons

In this double-length episode packed with theme music, many of them presented in stereo, the broadcast histories, stars and (of course) the TV theme music of 40 animated broadcast network series from 1960 to the present are explored. Here is the layout for this extended episode:

[season 1-2 opening] [season 1-2 closing] [season 3-6 opening] [season 3-6 closing]

-Commercial Break-

THE BUGS BUNNY SHOW (1960-1961) [season 1 opening] [season 1 closing]
THE BULLWINKLE SHOW (1960-1961) [opening theme & fanfare] [closing]
TOP CAT (1961-1962) [opening]
CALVIN AND THE COLONEL (1961-1962) [opening] [closing]
THE ALVIN SHOW (1961-1962) [opening]
THE JETSONS (1962-1963) [opening] [closing]
THE ADVENTURES OF JONNY QUEST (1964-1965) [opening] [closing]
THE FAMOUS ADVENTURES OF MR. MAGOO (1964-1965) [opening]
THE NEW ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN (1968-1970) [opening] [closing]
WHERE’S HUDDLES (1970) [opening]
WAIT TILL YOUR FATHER GETS HOME (1972-1974) [opening]

-Commercial Break-

THE SIMPSONS (1989-present)
[season 1 opening] [season 1 closing] [season 2-20 opening]

-Commercial Break-

CAPITOL CRITTERS (1992) [opening]
FISH POLICE (1992) [opening]
BATMAN – THE ANIMATED SERIES (1992-1993) [opening]
FAMILY DOG (1993) [opening]
THE CRITIC (1994-1995) [opening]
PINKY & THE BRAIN (1995-1996) [opening]

-Commercial Break-

KING OF THE HILL (1996-2009)
[1996 pilot opening]

-Commercial Break-

STRESSED ERIC (1998) [opening]
THE PJs (1999-2001) [1999 pilot opening]
DILBERT (1999-2000) [opening]
FUTURAMA (1999-2003; 2010-2013) [opening] [closing]
HOME MOVIES (1999) [opening] [closing]
MISSION HILL (1999-2000; 2002) [opening] [closing]
GOD, THE DEVIL & BOB (2000; 2003) [opening]
THE OBLONGS (2001) [opening]
BABY BLUES (2000-2002) [opening]

-Commercial Break-

FAMILY GUY (1999-2002; 2005-present)
[opening] [closing]

-Commercial Break-

GAME OVER (2004) [opening] [closing]
FATHER OF THE PRIDE (2004-2005) [opening]
AMERICAN DAD! (2005-present) [opening] [closing]
CREATURE COMFORTS (2007) [opening]
THE GOODE FAMILY (2009) [opening] [closing]
THE CLEVELAND SHOW (2009-2013) [opening] [closing]
NAPOLEON DYNAMITE (2012) [opening]
BORDERTOWN (2016) [opening]

-Commercial Break-

BOB’S BURGERS (2011-present)
[opening] [closing]

Many, many thanks to Zerbinator for his continued support. His encouragement and expertise are very much appreciated by me. You can find all of his fun-to-listen-to podcasts here. And I’d also like especially to thank him for providing the opening and closing theme music for Tube Tunes; all of his fantastic music can be found here. And, again, thanks are in order for him for providing TUBE TUNES with the “We’ll Be Right Back” drops heard during the podcast. Thanks, Burford.

I would also like to again thank Rob “Flack” O’Hara and Sean Johnson for adding TUBE TUNES to The Throwback Network. It’s a great place to find just about any retro-themed podcast you can think of. Please check out the network here.

Finally, my thanks to Ferg of The Atari 2600 Game by Game Podcast. His inspiration and dedication to covering every game cartridge ever made for the Atari 2600 (I think over 1000 of them!) is what gave me the courage to begin this podcast. And his continued support and promotion of TUBE TUNES on his excellent podcast is greatly appreciated by yours truly. Please, check out his podcast, even if you’re not an Atari 2600 collector; or at least visit his website here.

Next Episode: “S01E07: Cathode Ray Memories” (available March 20, 2016)

Only One Week Until “S01E06: Prime Time ‘Toons”

Oliver Wendell Douglas (groggily): “Hello? Who is this?”

Hank Kimball: “Howdy, Mr. Douglas!”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “Mr. Kimball? What on earth are you calling me for? It’s 6 a.m.!”

Hank Kimball: “I just wanted to tell you the great news. Well, it isn’t exactly GREAT news…it’s actually pretty good news. Well, I don’t know if you’d call it news…it’s actually…         …oh, boy.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “Mr. Kimball, I hope you know that you’ve gotten me out of bed and -”

Hank Kimball: “I just knew you’d want to know.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas:”Want to know WHAT?!”

Hank Kimball: “About the TUBE TUNES podcast.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “What about it?”

Hank Kimball: “What about what?”

Oliver Wendell Douglas (angrily): “The TUBE TUNES podcast!”

Hank Kimball: “Oh, yeah. I just called to say that Season 1, Episode 6, which is all about animated series that aired during prime time, will be out in one week!”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “What?! You got me outta bed to – ”

Hank Kimball: “I knew you’d want to know about the podcast, Mr. Douglas.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “Oh, that stupid podcast!”

Hank Kimball: “No, this is the TUBE TUNES podcast. The STUPID Podcast doesn’t come out until next month.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “Yes, and you’re going to be the featured guest!!!”

Hank Kimball (excitedly): “I am? Gosh, that makes three months in a row!”