Only One Week Until “S01E06: Prime Time ‘Toons”

Oliver Wendell Douglas (groggily): “Hello? Who is this?”

Hank Kimball: “Howdy, Mr. Douglas!”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “Mr. Kimball? What on earth are you calling me for? It’s 6 a.m.!”

Hank Kimball: “I just wanted to tell you the great news. Well, it isn’t exactly GREAT news…it’s actually pretty good news. Well, I don’t know if you’d call it news…it’s actually…         …oh, boy.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “Mr. Kimball, I hope you know that you’ve gotten me out of bed and -”

Hank Kimball: “I just knew you’d want to know.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas:”Want to know WHAT?!”

Hank Kimball: “About the TUBE TUNES podcast.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “What about it?”

Hank Kimball: “What about what?”

Oliver Wendell Douglas (angrily): “The TUBE TUNES podcast!”

Hank Kimball: “Oh, yeah. I just called to say that Season 1, Episode 6, which is all about animated series that aired during prime time, will be out in one week!”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “What?! You got me outta bed to – ”

Hank Kimball: “I knew you’d want to know about the podcast, Mr. Douglas.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “Oh, that stupid podcast!”

Hank Kimball: “No, this is the TUBE TUNES podcast. The STUPID Podcast doesn’t come out until next month.”

Oliver Wendell Douglas: “Yes, and you’re going to be the featured guest!!!”

Hank Kimball (excitedly): “I am? Gosh, that makes three months in a row!”

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