Season 2 is Coming Very Soon!

Well, my intrepid listeners, summer is gone. Which means it’s time for “TUBE TUNES: The Television Theme Music Podcast” to crank back up. It’s been a long summer, I know. I really needed the time off to get personal things done, most of which are now complete. So…

The long-awaited “Go West, Old Man: Adult Westerns of the 1950s (Part 2)” is almost ready, and I hope to have it up by November 4. After that, there should be a new episode coming out every two weeks or so; you can check out the calendar of upcoming episodes here. After 20 planned episodes for this season, I plan to take another summer hiatus in 2017 (just like the network TV shows do), although I may sprinkle in a few short episodes during the summer that may cover only one TV theme each; I’m calling those episodes TURBO TUNES.

You’ll find that this season’s episodes will probably be a bit shorter in length than last season’s. Additionally, I hope to interject more personal memories about the shows and themes that I’m covering in order to keep them from getting a bit dry. Finally, I hope to ween myself of a written script. And don’t be surprised if you hear a few more “ummm”‘s and “uhhh”‘s, ’cause I’ll be cutting back on the post-editing, too, something that severely slowed down my ability to get last season’s episodes out on time.

That’s it, folks. I always welcome comments and corrections, so please don’t be shy. And thanks for your patience. On to Season 2!


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