S02E01 Bug Fix Update #1

I’ve determined (in my limited capacity here at work) that the part of the episode that was affected by the “echo” in Season 2 Episode 1 runs for about 12 minutes, from roughly the 2:00 minute mark to the 14:15 minute mark. I will listen to the rest of the episode on my way home from work to check for any other anomalies. If all I have to fix are those 12 minutes, it shouldn’t take me long to get the episode repaired and back up onto the feeds.

In the meantime, I have removed the corrupted file from the web-host, so if you try to listen to it, even if you still see it on the feeds, it will yield an error message. I’ve also removed the post for this episode from my website (www.tubetunes.net), where my iTunes feed is housed; I’ll be posting a new post on my website after I’ve completed the repairs. I know this is all a bit technical (heck, I don’t even understand most of it myself), so please forgive me.

I will end with saying that if you already downloaded the corrupt episode, either last night or early this morning, then you may need to refresh your iTunes (or Stitcher or TuneIn or Google Play or whatever you’re using to listen to the podcast) after I get the updated episode up on the feeds. I will be renaming the actual mp3 file (once I get it fixed) with a different name from the bad file to avoid any confusion on the feeds. Hopefully I’ll have all the repairs done and uploaded for everyone within the next 2 or 3 hours.

Stay “tuned” for further updates.


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