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Check Out Forgotten Filmcast


Until the next episode of TUBE TUNES (“S01E07: Cathode Ray Memories”) appears on the feeds in the next few days, check out a great podcast that I have been enjoying for some time now: Forgotten Filmcast, hosted by Todd Liebenow. The latest episode, #68, covers the 1967 film “Gunn,” starring Craig Stevens in the role he created for the 1958-1961 TV series PETER GUNN. Most people probably remember the famous Henry Mancini theme music from the show rather than the show itself, but the movie is pretty good, too…and it’s in color. In Forgotten Filmcast, Mr. Liebenow and his guest co-host (yours truly) discuss the film, its quirks, its fun bits, and its surprising ending. Please be sure to give this wonderful podcast some love and check it out!